JWF Leak Test Panels Series 100

Series 100
Options are available: please contact JW Froehlich IRAN for further details.
Proven Low Cost Pressure Decay Leak Test Systems for High-Volume Production and Quality Assurance
JWF Leak Test Panels Series 100
Automatic test sequence
Automatic data processing by microprocessor
Programming of all test parameters
Dynamic display of the test results
Operator menu on front panel display

JWF Leak Test Panel MPS 100
Relative Pressure Measurement
Test methods:
- Pressure decay or rise
- Over-pressure (burst) or vacuum
Resolution: from 1 Pa (0.00015 psi)

JWF Leak Test Panel MPS 150
Differential Pressure Measurement
The transmitter isolation valve is automatically monitored for the
proper closure during the test phase
Resolution: from 0.1 Pa