JWF Leak Test Panels Series 400

Series 400
Options are available: please contact JW Froehlich IRAN for further details.
Capable of performing virtually every type of leak and flow test.
JWF Leak Test Panel MPS 400
Relative Pressure Measurement

Test methods:
- Pressure Decay or Rise
- Overpressure or Vacuum
Resolution: from 1 Pa

JWF Leak Test Panel MPS 450
Differential Pressure Measurement
The transmitter isolation valve is automatically monitored for
proper closure during the test phase.
Resolution: from 0.1 Pa

JWF Leak Test Panel MFL 400
Mass Flow Measurement

Using the Zero Resistance JWF Mass Flow Sensor
The measurement signal is independent of atmospheric
pressure and temperature.
The measurement signal directly corresponds
to the leaking air flow.
Particularly suitable for large volume components
Resolution: from 0.01 Std cm3/min

JWF Leak Test Panel MFL 450
Volume Flow Measurement
For large flow rates
Suitable for combination of leak
and flow test in one system
Resolution: from 1 Std cm3/min